Forever in our Hearts, A tribute to Jeff Weigel
Our dear friend and extraordinary Rotarian Jeff Weigel passed away on March 27th surrounded by his beautiful family.  Our hearts go out to Karen, his children, his grandchildren, and all who loved him. 
Jeff was able to hear loving messages in the days before his passing. Here is one that moved us all. 
“Jeff, we grew to know you as a man of great integrity generosity, kindness. and you certainly knew your way around the kitchen! You were a champion of cause that have touched many lives.
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Caring Brother, Friend, Neighborhood Organizer, Leader, President of Rotary,  Active Participant, Engineer, Problem Solver, Wine Connoisseur, Poet, Cross Country Bicyclist, World Traveler… a Good Man indeed.
We thank you for your friendship. We thank you for the laughter, for the serious discussions, for the great food and wine we all shared, for Being Here and all the other parties, Rotary Gatherings, your Fiji Scabies and Clean Water projects! Project Echo”
Yours is a life to be celebrated Jeff! You have lived it thoroughly, and well. We raise our glass to you Jeff Weigel….
What a legacy! 

We will miss you! 
Love, ❤️
 The Rotary Club of Redondo Beach.